Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

The Easter Egg has been a symbol of Easter dated back hundreds of years. It is given among Christians and non Christians alike though for believers it symbolizes new life and new beginnings. It shares the hope of a risen Lord.
Tradition has it that after Christ’s death and resurrection, Mary Magdalene became a missionary and, like the apostles, spread the word of Christ’s death and resurrection. Once while appearing before the Roman emperor Tiberius she brought before him a white egg and greeted him with, “Christ’s risen.” Being a non believer, Tiberius sneered at her, saying, “Christ is no more risen than that egg turning red.” Before his astonished eyes and those of his court, the egg turned a vibrant shade of red. Mary was then able to share the gospel with the people who listened intently.
I am sorry this post is a little late for Easter but I thought this story was interesting anyway. 🙂 Be blessed!


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